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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Google, Google, Google stop making good new products!!

So this week a big on for the google watcher in all of us, firstly the new desktop product http://desktop.google.com which includes a new side bar, and a range of new web features including storing rss feeds you've read searching you outlook for new messages etc. its a really interesting development, although in testing we have seen it crash a little.

Secondly Google announced their IM client , this is available here http://www.google.com/talk which offers free voice calls to any other google user, similar to Yahoo!, but also supports in release some other IM ids, this is expected to lead to an opening up of this business, which is good for all concerned...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Apple & Google ?

Rumours abound about an itunes & google link up, I would suggest audio search/podcast search based myself...but read more here

Google news now available for custom rss feeds

In an interesting post on the BBC backstage blog, you can create an rss url of your own customized google news page read more, this is similar to the BBC which are now offering a similar way to customize...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

company who sell something comission survey to prove its worth

Heres a funny one, in this article Bloggers are apparently young and affluent based on a comScore survery, all good of course for advertisers bloggers have affluent readership

Saturday August 13th

Well the big industry news is Yahoo! buying a share in Chinese auction site Alibaba.com read more at BBC news. On the tech side developments are quiet Yahoo! announced also it is testing audio search, look via next.yahoo.com nice addition is some information on media rss and how to use it for audio content and more...media rss

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Saturday August 6th

Well a busy week, in the US most tech bloggers all seemed to be at OSCON read more at the OSCON blogs . Back in the UK The Guardian looked at the below ig page and personalisation pages & RSS, read more here guardian online

And there is still lots of activity on BBC Backstage, including an awesome plugin for Mac OSX
for BBC Radio read and download it here BBC backstage Radio Widget BBC Radio plugin for Mac OSX

July round up

Wednesday 27th July 05
New developements at google, the new personalised homepage had been updated IG With added RSS reader.

Tuesday 26th July 05
News broke that Yahoo! had aquired Konfabulator and quite a good move we would say!

Monday 25th July 05
Something cool that I missed was the launch of BBC Backstage at an open technology event in London. open tech event Presenting was fellow and well known yahoo Jeremy Zawodny see his blog here

Sunday 24th July 05
So the moon.google.com had everyone going looking lunar, but both Yahoo! and Google shares both dropped a lot this week despite record profits.