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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Apple launches iWeb blogging and web 2.0 app ?

Firsly obviously this wasn't the most PR related even of the macworld conference, but they are much better covered by other blogs.

However when I watched the MacWorld keynote online, I was keen to see Apple's new web publishing software iWeb. Generally I am a huge fan of Apple software paticularly the iLife suite which I use regularly, but what they lacked until now was much connectivity, and longterm maybe risked losing out to online applications such as the combination of Flickr/Yahoo Photos/Go etc. However one of the great things that came out of the keynote as well was that Apple seem to be including RSS syndication into all their products making them more accessible and compatible with a range of tools and software. Of photo's being distributed via RSS became 'Photocasting' but Apple do a better job than anyone at branding and effective product marketing, so lets leave it to them and see if this catches on.

iWeb though the web 2.0 ajax driven, blogging and publishing tool which delivered a lot of promise doesn't live up to the promise according to the first testers macslash iWeb reviews