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Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new year & predictions for 2006

Ah well don't you just love this time of year, too much food/wine and everyone reviewing the year and making predictions for the year ahead.

Here are some of my favourites on the tech side

from 05

Top Search Terms in 05 - As good a barometer of the year as any ?

New York Times top gadget ideas of the year!

PC world's Innovation awards

for 06

Mercury News Top Ten Trends in Tech for 06

Top brands for 06

Bruce Upbin's predictions for 06

For both and congrats to Jack Schofield for this Top 10 of Top 10's in Tech !!

Guardian tech blog top 10 of top 10's

But full marks go to Rex Sorgatz's awesome list of all the best of lists

this is HUGE