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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A reflection on CES announcements

Firstly it was amazing to see how far the internet industry has come, and how established it is, to the extent where the two largest internet companies can show cutting edge products alongside the established technology industry more focused on devices and software traditionally.

It shows where the future of software is going also, everything is live and connected but its the internet companies that hold and manage the distribution channels, and possibly long term the software itself.

Yahoo! Go - Promises much long term, I've seen that the mobile device technology works very well on handsets that support it, and the desktop software could be even better, see more at the promo site which includes the webcast with Terry Semel calling in a few 'favours' from the entertainment industry, and a couple of glitches Yahoo! Go

Google video - Has already got much larger press coverage in the uk, which reflects its position here, but I'm not sure its a great product, however what is a great product when it first launches...but a lot of questions have been raised about whats new or different about what it offers. However the interface is sparse but works very well, how very Google like Google Video

One thing I did notice following this announcement though is the BBC are now distributing video on to Google free, if this is a test it would be very interesting to see the results, but certainly having the BBC archive accessible online through google/yahoo or anyone is a good thing for the world. See the post about this at Ben Metcalfe's blog

What I'd like to see next is how this is combined with the best web technologies and what we know works online. For example using Folksonomy, what are the worlds top rated tv shows, what are my friends watching, can they just instantly message me and say 'have you seen the new lost?' and the program will download to my machine, can I access video from around the world based on someone's recommendation, or my 'group' of friends say its cool...